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CAA Updates

CAA Updates

There are guidelines on how a drone can be flown in the UK. As of March 13th 2019, the CAA will be implementing additional rules for flights near airports. For a link to the CAA amendments please see here –

Air Navigation (Amendment) Order 2019

20 February 2019 – Following the amendment to the ANO that will enter into force on 13 March 2019, we have published guidance for small unmanned aircraft users with an outline of the revised regulations as they will now appear in law; to provide guidance on the effects of the changes; and how they will be interpreted by the CAA.  This guidance replaces CAP1687, which is now cancelled.

Other drone rules are in place for commercial and non commercial drone operators. Guidelines that must be foll

owed can be seen here at the Drone Safe website – https://dronesafe.uk/ and in particular – https://dronesafe.uk/restrictions/

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